300 Ridge Road K

300 ridge road "k" usage

1- camera shop
2- beauty supply
3- greeting card retail
4- gift shop
5- luggage sales
6- flooring sales
7- photographer studio
8- any number of excellent specialty shops

300 Ridge road " K " features

1 - 1000 square feet retail / display space
2 - 2 small offices
3 - kitchen
4 - 1000 square feet wharehouse with roll up door
5 - 1000 up stairs storage
6 - excellent retail environment minutes from largest
Retail mall in Lafayette
7 - many eateries within minutes
8 - 60 seconds from major 4 lane reaching much of city
9 - complete update of facilities
10 - more than competitive rates
11 - low utility rates

- 300 Ridge Road Building "K" in Layfayette, LA
If you are looking for a retail space that will be exposed to good traffic patterns in an area of the city that is a hot bed of retail activity this may be the space for you and your company. The space has been recently renovated and hits a price point that enables a profitable outcome to your operation. With 1000 square feet of open retail space, 1000 square feet of storage and utility space, 1000 square feet of general storage upstairs all accessible with large roll up door for easy access. This space is available for immediate occupancy. Make the jump to retail success today.